New show at The Left Hand

Robin Wallace-Crabbe: A survey exhibition—Sixty years of making pictures

Arguably one of the best and most inventive artists in this country, Robin’s work is almost unique in its unashamed debt to the art of the past—it has clear links to many of the concerns of pre-modernism, modernism and post-modernism (from Manet, through Matisse, to Kitaj)—combined with a fierce yet playful independence and inventiveness. This freedom from the tyranny of fashionableness, admirable in any artist, has allowed Robin to pursue his interest in everything that comes within his orbit. His ability to employ traditional skills—he is an adept drawer, colourist and compositional inventor—is combined with a healthy irreverence for proscriptive ideas about what art should be. Included in the exhibition are paintings, drawings, etchings, linocuts and sculpture from 1960 through to this year.