About The Left Hand

The Left Hand is a visual art gallery in Braidwood, a country town in South-East NSW. Established in 2010 as a non-profit venture, it has the aim of supporting imaginative visual artists free from the usual commercial pressures of mainstream galleries. It has three or four exhibitions a year, each running for three weekends (and other times by appointment). Exhibitions often include a number of artists brought together through a shared medium (such as drawing, printmaking, sculpture or hand made books) or a thematic interest or similarity of approach. Solo or survey shows are also organised for single artists we feel deserving of special attention or recognition. Ignoring trends or traditions, the accent is on encouraging handmade artworks that show the individual, idiosyncratic sensibility of their maker. Exhibiting artists are from the local region and from much further afield. Visitors are always welcome to look without any hint of pressure to buy. 

Although in a small regional town, The Left Hand was established to offer a different model from the commercial gallery system. Art exhibited at The Left Hand does not have to be for sale, but a low commission (15%) is charged on any sales in order to help cover costs. The artists are charged no other fees. The gallery attempts to develop long-term relationships with its artists regardless of whether their work sells.

Julian Davies, who set up and runs the gallery, has for over forty years regarded the usual practices of the art market as deeply compromised. Davies and Phil Day, an artist who has exhibited regularly at the gallery, have written a book, Lost Art, on the endemic failure of the art world. Lost Art is published by Finlay Lloyd, a non-profit press run by Davies and Day. More information about the press can be found at finlaylloyd.com.