Phil Day

November 2013

The second of Phil Day's two one-person shows at The Left Hand. Phil is a versatile, inventive artist whose observational drawing is matched by his simplifying, imaginative inventiveness. This show included new oil paintings and drawings centred around his Melbourne home and the view beyond it.

Making the Cut

September 2013

An exhibition of linocut and woodcut prints including Linda Dening, Antonia Aitken, Bernard Hardy, Shellaine Godbold, Peter McLean, John Pratt, Sam Kidd, Phil Day, Kate Stevens, Julian Laffan, Cecile Galiazzo, Robin Wallace-Crabbe and Linda Douglas.

Robin Wallace-Crabbe

June 2013

Robin Wallace-Crabbe has been making pictures for over half a century, and is one of Australia's most consistently evolving and visually inventive artists. He has shown in a number of Left Hand exhibitions. This show included new charcoal and oil pastel drawings, etchings, linocut prints, and paintings.

Altered States

March 2014

An exhibition of the work of eight photographers. Virginia Wallace-Crabbe, Frank Lindner, Kelly Sturgiss, Genevieve Swifte, Anders Nielsen, Cecile Galiazzo, Donna Gibbons and Stephen Best.

Three Potters

February 2013

This show combined three potters with very different approaches - Anne Langridge's large textured garden pots; Lisa Maddern's delicate hand-built pieces; and Julian Davies' finely made platters and bowls.

Quail , Linda Dening, mixed media

Quail, Linda Dening, mixed media

Three Artists

Julian Laffan, woodcuts

Julian Laffan, woodcuts

December 2012

A show combining Linda Dening's romantic mixed media works and charcoal drawings; Cecile Galiazzo's free-floating monoprints; and Julian Laffan's inventive inked woodblocks.

Fake (version 2) , Franki Sparke, stencil and rubber stamp print, 2012

Fake (version 2), Franki Sparke, stencil and rubber stamp print, 2012

Comic page drawings, Mandy Ord

Comic page drawings, Mandy Ord

Laughing Skulls , Tim Danko, 2008

Laughing Skulls, Tim Danko, 2008

Taking the Piss

September 2012

This varied, irreverent show included 22 makers of comics and zines - Mandy Ord, Franki Sparke, Tim Danko, Paul McDermott, Phil Day, Ben Hutchins, Pat Grant, Jo waite, Natalia Zajaz, Michael Camilleri, Leigh Rigozzi, Gregory Mackay, David Blumenstein, Kirrily Schell, Andrew Fulton, Yasmin Keany, Michael Fikaris, Bernad Caleo, Tom Bonin, Bruce Mutard, Srah Howell, David Mahler. 

Naked doll resting on a drawing , Robin Wallace Crabbe, oil pastel

Naked doll resting on a drawing, Robin Wallace Crabbe, oil pastel

Almost Naked Prize

March 2012

This exhibition was the first instalment of the Almost Naked Prize, a supposedly biennial 'competition' for a picture of the human figure. It brought together 30 artists.


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